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15 Best Dating Websites (Free & Paid)

1. Plenty of Fish – The Cream of the Crop True to its name, POF (as users call it) has more users than any free dating site, and the fourth most of any dating site out there. There are over 40,000,000 “fish” to be caught. Like most free sites, you can purchase some additional features, such […]

10 Things You Should Not Do When You Meet A New Lady

Things You Should Not Do When You Meet A Lady During a guy or lady’s first date, whatever impression one leaves with one’s partner is almost certain to last forever. What either of the duo thinks about the other will go a long way in determining how long the ‘relationship’ will last. There are so […]

9 Things All Men Want But They Are Afraid to Ask

1 What’s with the shoes? And the perfumes? Men understand that your shoes have to match or compliment whatever you wear but do you really need all those pairs of shoes? A dozen is more than enough but, no, you want a dozen dozens. Really? How complicated can color matching be? White goes with black […]

13 Signs Your Relationship Will Last

Everyone enters into a partnership with the best intentions and the most solid of long-term plans but there are many factors that come into play when determining if your relationship will last. Why wait ‘til its a 10 or 20 year old relationship to figure out if your relationship will stand the test of time? […]

10 Happy Signs That Your Love Is Real

For one thing, it feels awesome. Being in love means that you feel happier rather than sad and that the source of that happiness mostly comes from the person you love. Knowing when you’re in love can be a bit tricky, especially if you just started dating. Some experts say that, after two months, it’s […]

5 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Alive

5 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Alive Got a good thing going with your girl? Tap into these five science-backed relationship strategies so you don’t screw it up! It makes you happier with each passing day, needs constant upkeep to maintain its mojo, and provides you with endless entertainment. No, we aren’t talking about an […]

7 Things You Should Never Tell A Woman About Her Body

Here are 7 things you should never tell a woman about her body. Women are known to be the more sensitive and emotional than men, so you should tread carefully on how you handle them. When it comes to men, one should observe what they do or say to women to avoid annoying or irritating them, especially […]

14 Things Every Single Woman Over 30 Is Tired of Hearing

Here are 14 comments every single girl over 30 is tired of hearing. The number of women marrying in their late 30s and 40s has doubled in the last decade. However, given some people’s reaction when you tell them you’re single post 35, you’d think we were still living in a time where the average life expectancy […]