Karabo Mokoena Funeral Pictures. Emotional Pictures Will Make You Sob

Karabo Mokoena’s funeral pictures

Karabo Mokoena funeral picturesKarabo Mokoena’s funeral service was a very emotional one. Tears could be found in every ones eyes. The event was held in Diepkloof Community Hall in Soweto on Friday. To update our new readers, Karobo Mokoena was gruesomely murdered by her jealous boyfriend. A good Karabo Mokoena biography can be found here.

Her boyfriend claimed to have found some disturbing Whatsapp chats between his girlfriend and another man. Jealousy coupled with anger caused him to commit such an atrocious act. In anger, he killed his girlfriend and burnt her beyond recognition. He then buried her in a shallow grave on the 29 April 2017.

Many feminist across the country have come out in protest following the death of the 22 years old Karabo Mokoena. Many men who stand against violence towards women stood beside Karabo’s coffin during the funeral. Talking about her boyfriend, she was dating a man called Sandile Mantsoe.

This man according to many is a really cool God-loving man who did not joke with his religious life. Many friends of K. Mokoena and Sandile Mantsoe claim his ability to quote and relate with Bible verses was one thing that drew Karabo Mokoena to him. Many who knew Sandile were very shocked to find out he was capable of committing such a barbaric act.

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