Missed Skolopad Qwabe Naked Video at Metro FM Awards? See it Now

Queen Skolopad Qwabe Naked Video

Nonhlanhla Qwabe picturesQueen Skolopad Qwabe whose real name is Nonhlanhla Qwabe has been trending after she wore little more than a yellow sheet to the Metro FM awards. She has been trending as ” The Lady In The Yellow“. Others also referred to her as “The Lady In The Yellow dress“. Most of us were surprised when Nonhlanhla Qwabe arrived at the Metro FM with a revealing outfit, which showed more flesh than expected. The Skolopad qwabe naked video at Metro FM Awards sent shock waves across social media networks. With many searching for that video, we have it here courtesy of our publishers.

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Who is Nonhlanhla Qwabe

Nonhlanhla Qwabe is a South African musician with a huge fan base. She is also a nurse. You can imagine how her patients will be feeling in her working outfits. LOL! As though The Lady In Yellow Dress stunt was not enough; she told her fans to expect more during her performance in Melville, Johannesburg on Thursday

We know we have kept you waiting for the video, so here you have it. Flip to the next page to watch the Skolopad qwabe naked video.



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