Outsurance Father’s Day Advert: This is Why Many are Talking About the Video

OUTsurance Father’s Day Advert Video

OUTsurance fathers day advert videoMany have come out to express their thoughts concerning the outsurance fathers day advert video. Many have found the advert to be racist due to it’s content. As part of Fathers day celebration, Outsurance, one of South Africa’s leading insurance companies showed a Father’s Day video. Many South Africans have railed against the video claiming the company was been racist.

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For those who may not know about OUTsurance. Continue reading for a brief description.

OUTsurance Holdings Limited

OUTsurance Holdings Limited, commonly referred to as OUTsurance, is an insurance services holding company with its headquarters in Centurion, South Africa. It is an unlisted public company and a subsidiary of RMI Holdings. As of 2016, the company had 4,285 employees. The insurance company is headed by Willem Roos.

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Why Many have Lambasted the Outsurance Fathers Day Advert

Reports reaching us indicate that the company’s advert featured many white fathers, with only one black father. Though the intent of the Outsurance Fathers Day may not have been ill, many customers of the company were disappointed. They also claimed that not all customers of the firm were white. The company has so far come out to clean it’s mess. Blame was pushed unto a junior employee for ‘racist’ #FathersDay ad.
The ad was shown on Twitter and Facebook pages. Followers of the company can also visit the official page of the company to see the video if available. However, you can view the video right now.

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