Sindi Dlathu and Her Sister: See New Photos of This Gorgeous Twins

Sindi Dlathu and Her Sister

Sindi Dlathu and her sisterSindi Dlathu and her sister are a perfect definition of twins. They look very identical and also have many things in common. Though Sindi Dlathu is a highly private person, she has made her twin sister known to the world. Sindi is the older twin. What most people find very intriguing is the identity of Sindi Dlathu husband.

Sindi Dlathu Sister

Sindi Dlathu SisterSindi Dlathu has a very beautiful twin sister. Wandering the name of Sindi Dlathu sister? Her name is Zanele Sangweni and she is married to a businessman by name Matome Meela. Zanele Sangweni is a nurse. Matome Meela is also a local businessman who sells used cars in Soweto. He also owns a pawn shop. During the wedding of Zanele Sangweni and Matome Meela, many stars were present. Almost the entire crew of Muvhango attended the wedding to support Dlathu.

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Continue reading to see what Matome Meeta (husband of Sindi Dlathu’s sister) said during the wedding.



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