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Grace Mugabe Biography: See Her Age, Date of Birth, Children, Pictures

Grace Mugabe Biography ( Grace Marufu)

Grace Mugabe biographyGrace Mugabe whose birth name is Grace Marufu is the wife of Zimbabwe President Robert Gabriel Mugabe. She was on 23 July 1965 in Benoni, South Africa. Grace is currently 51 years old. Her family lived in South Africa until 1970. Robert Mugabe married Grace Mugabe after his wife died from a chronic kidney disease in 1992. Read more about President Robert Mugabe here.

Grace Mugabe has two siblings. Their names are Reward Marufu and Sam Marufu. She was married to Stanley Goreraza until 1996, when she married President Mugabe. Stanley Goreraza is an air force pilot and a defence attaché at the Zimbabwe embassy in China. Grace Marufu had a son with her former husband Stanley Goreraza. His name is Russell Goreraza.

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